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NriInvestIndia.com is the 1st website that is
dedicated to NRIs - non resident indians living around the world. Open an Online NRI Account through us and start Investing in Stock Markets of India.
(Open an account with a broker that offers lowest-cheapest brokerage in India). Basically we are a financial investing broker company in India helping Non Resident Indians (NRIs) & People of India origin (PIOs) and Overseas citizens of India (OCIs) to open NRI Account that lets them do investments in Indian Mutual Funds & Stocks. We also assist NRIs to open NRI Bank Accounts like: NRE and NRO Accounts.

Using this NRI Account one can also invest in Indian mutual funds. Some of the AMCs - Asset Management Companies that we offer

• Birla Sunlife
• Kotak Mahindra

• Principal
• Prudential
• Reliance

• SB

* Please be advised that Mutual Fund Investments are subjected to market risks kindly read the offer document carefully before investing. Also, Past performances do not guarantee any future performance.

* Trading in shares and trade practices in the stock markets carries a great deal of risk, kindly make informed investing decisions before making investments.

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 Employee Stock Options    
 Apply for a Indian PAN Card


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Our NRI Services:

1.  Trading Account: Indians living abroad can open trading account through which they can do stock investments online, purchase stocks on BSE or NSE.

2.  Demat Account: We assist NRIs in opening up of Demat account to get their physical Indian shares dematerialized.

3. NRI Bank Account: Get professional assistance when it comes to your Banking needs. Evaluate and compare between various NRI bank accounts and depending upon that comparison you may seek our help in opening up bank accounts, viz: NRE or NRO.

4. Trade Futures: Open a derivative account and conduct buying and selling of futures contract online. in the Indian stock markets at affordable commissions.

5.  Convert your ESOP: We at NriInvestIndia.com also assist clients working in Indian companies abroad to sell their ESOPs, first by converting these employee stock option plans into shares and then selling them through an online demat account. 

6. PAN Number: Apply for a Permanent Account Number through us and get your pan card delivered at your foreign address.

** Contact us to know about any of the above services:
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Who are we

We are a financial intermediary broker company that helps NRIs , PIOs & OCIs  to do investment in India. Our primary business is to guide Indians & person of India origin to invest in Indian mutual funds & stocks. We are slowly & gradually looking into other avenues like real estate business, where in our vision is to provide professional assistance to purchase property in India, & we also offer PAN Assistance services to NRIs & PIOs living in countries like: USA - United States of America, UK (England), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Ireland, Gulf - Qatar, U.A.E, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Gulf, etc.  Some of our services may not be available or open to NRIs of certain countries but other Indians living abroad can certainly avail our professional result oriented services.

We are a financial - investment company that acts as a mutual fund advisor and consultant for Indian investors & NRIs to invest in India's - top performing mutual funds. We are an online company that allows NRIs - Non resident Indians to invest in Indian mutual funds that has given consistent high and good returns. We also help in opening other NRI accounts like: Banking accounts: NRE and NRO Accounts, Dmat Account for NRIs.


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> Are you a NRI wanting to open a NRI Account?

> Do you want to know how to open an online NRI Account?

NriInvestIndia.com is a broker company from India, that focuses primarily on the NRI community to help them invest in the Indian equities, mutual funds, derivatives, commodities and real estate. Our NRI services especially enable non resident Indians living around the world to get NRI bank account & Demat Account.

Our investment experts would help you select a financial instrument from various investment opportunities present in India, that would match your investment goals. Basically our role is act as an intermediary between Indians living abroad and investment options for NRIs in India. Please feel free to email us or use the contact form above to know one can invest in India?

Opening up a trading & Dmat account in India from abroad could be a complicated process for Non Resident Indians. At NriInvestIndia.com , we aim at delivering unique NRI &PIO (persons of India Origin) stock investment Solutions to Invest in the ever - growing Indian Markets from abroad.


NriInvestIndia.com only offers its services and products where it is allowed to do so; therefore, not all of our securities,
products or services may be available to you. Please review this Legal Notice.
Use of this website constitutes your acceptance, that you have gone through the Disclaimer mentioned in it.

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